Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Decline of Glee - Bad Romance (1/2)

This week I will publish a two-parter about my personal opinion why Glee is on a steep downhill to become a really bad TV show. 

Part 1 - Bad Romance

Blaine and Kurt finally kiss! Dave Karofsky, the bully, tries to kiss Kurt! Santana confesses her love to Brittany and gets rejected. Kurt's father does his best to educate his son on the dangers of sex. These are the scenes I remember of the top of my head from the last few episodes. I remember them, not only because they were wonderfully written and acted. But the situations were believable and that made them so much more hurtful. What made them stand out between everything else is their emotional impact! I felt for the characters in these situations and cared for them.
I do not care about Sam, Artie or Puck and their relationships - and I definitely do not care about Finn and Rachel anymore. The heterosexual relationships seem to be stuck on 'random' and they feel that way: random! Sam just jumps from Quinn to Santana; Puck had a few girls on the show; Finn can not decide and goes from Quinn to Rachel and back and forth; Can you  remember Tina and Chang having a moment of their own? 
I am not saying that Glee is heterophob, but right now it focuses extremely on the emotional aspects of the homosexual/bisexual characters and loses sight of it's heterosexual characters.

And this is part of the bigger problem Glee is facing right now! Formerly the relationships were used to define the characters with their actions and desires. For example, Will Schuster trying to forget his crazy ex-wife and fighting to win over Emma. Those actions made his character interesting and believable. But having Sam jump from girl to girl without any emotional scenes to explain that does not define his characters - he just becomes a cardboard figure. This also affects the non-romantic relationships: Puck and Finn were best friends once and now? I don't know. Kurt and Mercedes haven't shared a memorable scene in a long time, altough they were best friends. It seems like Glee does not have the time to characterize it's characters and their relationships anymore!

To put it in a nutshell: The show doesn't make me care and feel for the characters anymore. It seems that the sole purpose of most of the characters is to sing a Top 40 song on a whim (see part 2 next friday for more on this topic).  Nonetheless, the show seems to focus on the homosexual aspects of the show - which is fine - but should tend with the same care to the heterosexual relationships before it makes all the characters totally unbelievable.

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