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Book to Movie: The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora Book Cover ArtBook to Movie:

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

(4,24 Stars of 5 with 31,201 Ratings -

Elite con artists "Gentlemen Bastards" rob the rich of Camorr city, based on late medieval Venice. Two stories interweave. In the present, the Gentlemen fight a mysterious Grey King taking over the criminal underworld. Alternate chapters describe history and mythology of Camorr, the Gentlemen Bastards, and especially the protagonist Locke Lamora.(Source: Wiki)

Born with a quick wit and a gift for thieving, Locke Lamora dodges both death and slavery, only to fall into the hands of an eyeless priest known as Chains, neither blind nor a priest. A con artist of extraordinary talent, Chains passes his skills on to his carefully selected family of orphans “Gentlemen Bastards.”

Locke grows to lead, delightedly pulling off one outrageous trick after another, infamous as the Thorn of Camorr — no wealthy noble is safe from his sting. But the Gray King is slowly killing Capa Barsavi’s most trusted men and using Locke as a pawn in his plot to take control of Camorr’s underworld. With a bloody coup under way threatening to destroy everyone and everything that holds meaning in his mercenary life, Locke vows to beat the magically protected Gray King at his own brutal game — or die trying
(Source: Goodreads)

by Milena Aijala (a.k.a. qwertyprophecy)
The ingredients are there:
Oceans 13 Jr. meets Pirates of the Carribean
- an engaging plot, full of twists and turns
- interesting characters
- a fantasy world with a mythical history

All the movie needs is a creative, fearless cook, or in other words, a capable director. This is a rather broad statement, I know, every movie needs a good director. The one needed for Locke Lamora, has to be incredibly visual. The world of Camorr - based on Renaissance Venice - is stunningly wonderful and rich.
The challenge would be to reduce the dense plot to movie-length without losing the charm and wit of the book.

Warner Brothers bought the film rights soon after the book's release. The brothers Kevin and Dan Hageman (both having written the upcoming Lego and the sequel Hotel Transylvania 2) were to write the screenplay. Michael De Luca (Moneyball, The Social Network) and Julie Yorn (Red Riding Hood, We bought a Zoo) are set to produce. Both don't have much experience with fantasy works, which could prove difficult. 
Despite additional television rumors, as of 2013, no casting or other announcements have been released. (Source: Wiki)

Film or TV?
Definitely the first! I suggest a movie adaptation, because the single thread of storytelling revolving around Locke Lamora probably couldn't sustain multiple episodes. But with 6 (SIX!) planned sequels (plus two upcoming novellas) "The Lies of Locke Lamora" could prove to be the opening to a stellar franchise. 

Casting Possibilities:

Max Irons as Locke LamoraMax Irons - Locke Lamora
He proved to be a big hit with the girls in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and The Host, which could attract more viewers. Irons has the right mix of cunning and charm to portrait the leader of the "Gentleman Bastards".

Jack Reynor as Jean TannenJack Reynor - Jean Tannen
The muscle to Locke's Brain, Jean is intimidating and strong. The upcoming star had a few indie hits and now moved on to star in the 4th Transformer movie.

Jeremy Irons - The Grey King
He is the main adversary; the brains behind the dangerous plots Locke finds himself tangled in. Fuelled my motives he is initially unwilling to reveal, the Grey King is ruthless but aristocratic in his mannerisms. (Source: Incidentally he is the father of actor Max Irons, which adds a great dynamic to the movies. Jeremy has a great, commanding presence with the right gravitas to the play the Grey King. 

Christian Bale - The Falconer
Perhaps the most formidable adversary in LoLL. The Falconer is a bondsmage from Karthain with otherworldly magical power, able to inflict extraordinary pain with just a few words and gestures. He is an arrogant, forbidding individual who takes obvious pleasure in the torture of others and works for the Grey King. He also has a bird companion, Vestral, whose violent nature and venom-filled claws augment the Falconer’s formidable presence. (Source: Bale has strong ties with Warner Bros (The Dark Knight Trilogy, etc) and is a great property to attract viewers. Bale has the right ambiguity and "evil-ness" to play this great role.

Francis Lawrence - Director
Lawrence proved over and over, that he is a great storyteller with a keen eye for heavy visuals with his movies Constantine or I am Legend. This was the reason he was chosen to adapt the second and third book in the Hunger Games Saga, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. 


  1. Love this series! My only wish is that it would become more popular so that we could get this movie rolling out!

    1. I just bought "Red Seas under Red Skies", hoping it compares to the first book in the Gentleman Bastard Sequence.
      A movie would be great - a great movie would be a dream come true :)

    2. I just finished Republic of Thieves and LOVED IT! So, I immediately started at the beginning and am finishing up Lies of... this would make a fantastic movie! I can't wait.

  2. See, I'd want to save Jeremy Irons for the Archon in Red Seas under Red Skies. Here's my hat in the ring on an excellent cast:

    Locke Lamora: Jamie Bell. I think he's unusual-looking by Hollywood standards, he's a great actor, small, smart.
    Jean Tannen: David Blue. Right look and aspect. Plays a born follower quite well.
    Chains: Brendan Gleeson. Another one I barely had to think about.
    Calo/Galdo: Alfie Allen. This one's easy if you watch Game of Thrones. Double him using the Fred/George technology.
    Nazca: Naomie Harris. There's something so predatory and awesome in the way she smiles.
    Capa Barsavi: Keith David, because he's awesome.
    The Grey King: Charles Dance. Can you tell I love Game of Thrones?
    The Falconer: Mads Mikkelson. He is effing terrifying.

    1. Comment cut off for some reason...

      The Salvaras: Josh Hutcherson and Dianna Agron
      The Spider: Judi Dench

    2. Those are great casting ideas!

      Let's hope the cast of the final movie will be anything close to our dream casts :)

      Thanks, Torchy.

    3. I really like them all, except the Grey King. I feel he should be a little younger. Federico Castelluccio maybe? I can't speak as to his acting ability, but he's got the right face for it. Gary Oldman would also be great.

    4. @Torchy Blane
      Judi Dench would be great if not for type casting. she could take a punch to the teeth im sure, but wouldnt you prefer someone who looks a bit more frail and unassuming, someone you have not seen in a similar role? :)

  3. Guy Ritchie as the director. the book practically breaks up in the same way that snatch does, perspective of your favorite antiheroes, the villains, and the people who just happened to be involved :D

    Locke vote is James Macelvoy, he is good looking enough for hollywood, but plain enough to pass as an anybody, which is exactly what locke is, he is. and with the perfect middle face to pass as anyone with a little makeup.
    Jean Tannen....this is hard, because the only person i could think of to fit this role is like nick frost...which would be FUCKING AWESOME! in fact...simon pegg as locke would also be hilarious, but they are getting on in years.
    The Sanza twins... honestly this is probably going to be the hardest to cast, young good looking fit and sly twins of (middle eastern??) heritage?
    Brendan Gleeson as chains...omg that hit the nail on the head :D i was doing that the whole time and it made it so great to read. oh so funny lol
    thiefmaker, i was imagining david bradley, but the character is probably much younger. Maybe Steve Buscemi if he could get an accent down. that would be great :)
    Capa Barsavi. Kieth David would work, i was not imagining him as black, but wow it makes the character more interesting, i was thinking he was like the equivalent to Turkish but whatever works for the better personality casting.
    Carlo Rota! THAT is my carlo barsavi, he just needs to stop being bald! :P

    1. Sorry for answering so late; life and stuff, you know. Thanks for your lengthy comment, and the great ideas.
      Mark Gatiss is great, and rather unknown in the states; that might just work.
      In my opinion are McAvoy, Pegg and Frost a little too old, to play street urchins / thieves...

  4. the falconer, this one is weird, i had him as mark gatiss..thoughts?

  5. And the grey king..i have no idea.

  6. Love this book! Had to put in my 2 cents...Chris Pratt as Jean Tannen! Seems like he can pull of the merchant's son turned muscle. And Helen Mirren as Vorchenza/Spider, from her work in Red & Red 2! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      Chris Pratt seems to be the next big thing; I never really had him on my radar, with me not being a fan of Parks & Rec. But after Guardians of the Galaxy, and later Jurassic World, he might just be the next superstar!

  7. Locke - McAvoy good choice, but remember that Locke is the youngest but Bug I wonder if james is to old and well known I think that we need some less recognisable. Max Iron is one of the worst choices, too much of the mummies -boy look. Locke has to be good at accents but sill have a recognisable voice, fluid movement and good eyes for direct looks.

    Jean- sweet boy but strong, as an adult clever, quick thinker and able to easily disguise his strength and brutality.

    Sanza's - One of the most important casts; need to have good co-ordination with each other; easily bounce of each others movement and speech. Real twins only.

    Bug - about 11yrs, not to tall, feisty. A scruffy Acer Butterfield, who's actually to old know.

    Grey King - need to look like he could be your friend until you look closer, someone who might seen inviting, but instinct would tell you to stay clear. - sense of hummer.

    Nazca - has to be able to be both strong/harsh and friendly, we don't see her for long so we have to be sure of her character and so dose she.

    The Spider - frail one the out side but clever, cunning and resilient and authoritative.

    Chains - I used to think Liam Neeson could do it, but i'm not sure know. He generally kind, with a sense of humour, but his temper can turn fast when provoked. A good man, who is sadly missed.

  8. GUYS IF WE THINK SO HIGHLY OF THE BOOK WHY DONT WE DO IT OUR SELFS, i've got script, location, and filming ideas, if any one would be interested in making a few scenes and a proposal pack for Scott Lynch, and production companies, I personally couldn't afford the rights, but they could plus big production costs.

  9. Chains - Ian McShane

    Theifmaker - Paul Giamatti

    Locke - Benedict Cumberbatch?

    1. Aren't they all a little bit too old for the roles?

  10. I think Jim Carrey could be Locke, Mark Addy as Jean, Tom Hiddleston as The Falconer, Brendan Gleeson as Capa Barsavi, Michael Wincott as the Grey King. Though I have to agree with some that Hiddleston could also be Locke (incidentaly, Locke is another form of spelling for Loki), however, I would go for Carrey due to Jim's skill in handling facial and body flexible man indeed.

  11. I envisioned Locke as early 2000s Hayden Christianson. And Sabetha as the GAme of thrones red head who plays Sansa Stark