Friday, April 15, 2011

'Untitled Chef Project' - Script Review

Post based on 'Untitled Chef Project' by Steven Knight; draft dated July 25, 2007.

This script has neither stars nor a director attached to it. I do not even know if its in production with any movie company right now. Adam, is the manic and obsessive chef of a two-star  restaurant in paris He is also a drug-addict with a big debt to some shady drug dealers. So, four pages into the script Adam has a breakdown and just vanishes. A few month later he appears in New York and sets out to open up a new restaurant and win his third Michelin Star. He assembles a crew, renovates a restaurant, but it doesn't take long until his past catches up with him. To win his third-star Adam not only has to fight cocky restaurant critics, rival chefs, but also overcome his inner demons.

The script was a good read. The ambition and motivation of the main protagonist really drove the story. Although I found most characters to be rather bland, they all had to fullfill one very specific plot role (the love interest, the foe, etc.) and did so rather nicely.

Note to myself: After reading the script and traveling with these characters for a while, I noticed a  definite change in the main character. In these last scenes the protagonist gained a new side and was better for it. So, it was a journey that was worthwile, not only for Adam but also for me, the reader. My hero should transform to a better version of himself - that makes the time spent with him satsifying.

Do you think a movie can work without ambition driving it? Or without the characters changing? What is your opinion on this script? I am looking forward to reading your comments.

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- Tristan

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  1. David Fincher and Keanu Reeves were attached to this back in 2008, but Fincher has gone on record saying that its probably dead now...real shame, coz I loved this script.

  2. Thanks for the info, Ken. I did not know that! This could have been quiet interesting. But I am hoping, that the movie will get made, because I loved the script, too!