Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hugo - Movie Review: A Different Kind of Beast

George  Méliès: The Biopic
Today, I return with a movie review. I did not intend to ever review movies - without having read it's script. But this movie is so different from what I expected, so different from what everybody expected. I found it to be a magical and enchanting movie for die-hard movie buffs.

The movie was sold as a fantasy flick, targeted at kids, but this movie is not about Hugo! The movie doesn't care about the goals of Hugo and resolves them only partially. It ignores the golden rule of character growth and additionally presents totally irrelevant minor characters with irrelevant sub plots. All the people, who expected an adventure movie, had to be disappointed. 

Hugo is a fictional biopic about the beginnings of the movie industry and one of it's greatest pioneers, Georges Méliès. 
It's about the ability to dream, when you make and watch movies, even - and especially! - as an adult.
It's about regrets over the past and how to overcome them.

I personally loved it and was very moved, especially by the performance of Ben Kingsley, but I would never recommend this movie to anyone, who hasn't a huge love and knowledge of cinema history.

Here the Trailer:

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