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'Sub-Mariner' Script Review

Based on the script by David Self (Jan 2004)

A visually-stunning Superhero movie, that delivers a great deal of action, but fails to connect on an emotional level. The unsurprising story is filled with cookie-cutter characters and flat dialogue.

What's it about?
The rebellious orphan Narmor struggles to proctect the City of Atlantis from the evil duke Kraang, who captured a submarine and plans to take over the throne of Atlantis, after he finds out that he turns into the a superhuman/amphibian-hybrid when he dives deep enough

Plot Summary:
In the first scene Japanese fishermen find a baby in one of their nets and decide to leave at the doorsteps of the american base. The baby grows up, not loved by his surrogate father and failing in every aspect of life. In an rebellious act, Namor leaves the base aboard an airplane headed to save a sunken submarine. Leader of the rescue team is Jane, a strong-headed, but sensible woman. The fall in love, of course. 
On the first deep-sea deployment, Jane's equipment goes haywire and Namor goes after her to save her. When his suit implodes and Namor is exposed to the sea, he transforms into superhuman/fish. But before he can save Jane, both are captured by Duke Kraang and brought to Atlantis . The superpowered Namor can escape with Jane, but back on the ship nobody believes their story. The generals, who have seen what Namor turned into, want to dissect him, so Namor has to escapes again, this time going back to Atlantis. There he is enslaved, but nonetheless gets the chance to save the Emperor of Atlantis, Thakkoris. 
We find out that Kraang plans a war on humankind and wants to betray the Emperor. He secretly built a massive army in a huge vulcanic underground city and starts and attack on the City of Atlantis. Kraang is supported by the sonar of the submarine he captured, which proves to be deadly for all kind of fish and amphibians. All the while Namor discovers that he is the grandson of Thakkoris and now that Atlantis is his real home, he fights Kraang and saves the city.

The Project:
Marvel's Namor is one of the first superheroes, debuting in 1939. In 2006 Universal Pictures signed Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines director Jonathan Mostow to rewrite and direct Marvel Studios' Sub-Mariner ( In 2008 Jason Statham was in talks to take the role of Namor ( In 2011 he makes a little cameo in Captain America: The First Avenger, but yet has to star in his own movie.

- The Love Story: Jane and Nix confess their affection for one another very early in the script - and it never plays any role at all! He does nothing to get back to her and seems to have forgotten her completely by the time he turns out to be the heir of Atlantis.Both lovers come from different worlds and can never be together, but that doesn't mean, that there can't be any lovestory. The recent Thor mastered the star-crossed lovers approach and it gave the whole movie more gravitas.
- The Visuals: the rich and amazing environment in this script are truly fantastic. The deep undersea world depicted in this script would have had a huge appeal to any movie lover. But the movie would have a huge price tag. For example, in the big finale an army of Shark Legions fight against Squid Riders, all the while huge maelstroms on the water surface suck down the human armada - only 200+ mil could bring this world to the silver screen.

Blake Snyder's Save the Cat! - Movie Category:Comic Super Hero
(1) a power the hero is imbued with - Nix transforms into Namor underwater: Check!
(2) a "Nemesis", an equally powerful bad guy - Kraang: Check!
(3) a "curse" or Achilles heel - out of water Nix is normal human: Check!
(4) The mascot or sidekick - No!

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