Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A 'Kick Ass' Lament

by Tristan Mahlow

Hello everybody,
now something I won't do very often for this blog: a movie review. I just feel very strongly about this particular film and just want to express my opinion about it. But nonetheless I think there is something to be learned from this.

A short plot summary: The movie begins with the loser Dave, trying to fight crime. It starts as a typical High-School-Comedy - but after the first 20 minutes the movie doesn't know what to do anymore. Entrance: Hit-Girl and Big Daddy! But they are everything this movie tries to subvert. They have that tragic back-story, more than enough money, own high-end gadgets and fight harder and better than most Summer-Blockbuster-Heroes.
Alas, the movie is called 'Kick-Ass' and so the charakter Dave is dragged through the rest of the movie like dead weight. His role? Watching others fight - which is rather boring for him and the viewer.
The whole script shifts undecided between Dave and his teenage problems and the unrealistsic, over-the-top part of Hit-Girl. It seems as if the script did not trust his own hook. So over time, it just degenerates into a incoherent mess of deliberate graphic violence and nerd-fantasy.

What is the supposed meaning of the movie (every movie has one, even this one). Do you have to be crazy to be a superhero in this world? The movie doesn't care about that! Can one human being change the world? To which 'Kick-Ass' answers: ... when your gun is big enough.

Note to myself: After developing a High-Concept-Hook (a normal loser tries to be a superhero) I should stick with it; tell my story around this hook. If I can not fill a script without other characters taking over the show, I should revise my initial idea.

Excuse my rant! I am curious: Can you understand my concerns about the story of 'Kick-Ass'? Or do I see something totally wrong?

Looking forward to your comments,
- Tristan

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